The set consists of two wings, a pole and two pole holders.

The wing can be filled with full banner or banner with openings. We recommend banners with openings for outdoor use.

The wings are made from polypropylene pipes, welded and connected by rivets and filled with a banner printed on both sides. The banner can be easily replaced at home.

There is a 1,5 kg weight inside the base of the jump, providing stability.

The jumps can be used both inside and outside, as they are UV and temperature resistant (also below zero temperatures).

The height can be regulated from 10 to 65 cm by 5 cm.

The pole is 120 cm long, two-colour, with secure rubber caps on both ends for safety.

Production time: 14-21 days after the acceptance of the design and payment.


If you are interested in ordering jumps with your personalised banners, please contact us, preferably before making an order (you can also do it after).

Please send us an email to info@cool-dog.eu with the design (f.i. logo) in vector graphics or good quality photo (2000×3000 pixels, 200 dpi, preferably vertical) as well as short description of what you would like the banner to look like (full or with openings, background colours, the positioning of elements etc.).

We will prepare visualisation of the design for you.

We begin the production process after you accept the design and pay for the order.

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Maximum height of the wing: 102 cm
Height at the lower point of the upright: 48 cm
Height at the higher point of the slant: 85 cm
Width at the base: 50 cm
Length: 48 cm
Weight: 6kg

The shipping box can contain maximum 4 jumps.

It is necessary to attach the base of the jump to the wing on your own. We provide the necessary tools as well as the assemble manual to each order free of charge.


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